Thou reap what thou sow

Education is one important thing that Filipinos really treasure. And, as a current Filipino student, I have come to know that education is not only treasured but is also a steep ladder to be climbed. Not so long ago, people think that to have a better job, one must hold a degree in college. Yet this previous mindset isn’t acceptable to the-now society. To get a high-paying job, one must have at the least a master’s degree and at the most a PhD (or two). These educational attainments aren’t just words, they’re achievements one has to work hard for.


This is the reason why we are still at school (unless you’re genius enough not to need school). We are here to learn, to indulge in everything that’ll sooner or later make us better, to extract every energy in our bodies just to make s stronger entities.


In school there will be teachers of different sorts. There will be those that’ll make our day after an amazing lecture on how physics is related to love. They’ll give us the creeps while we say in our heads, “That’s damn right!” They teach us that almost every little thing we learn in school can be applied to our real, day to day lives. There’ll also be those that’ll break our hearts because after those long hours of lectures, you haven’t even heard or learned anything that the teacher had said. As you go out of the room your murmur to a close fried, “I really wanna drop this course. NOW.” But there are those who’re in the middle of the previous two. Those that will climb mountains and cross rivers just to make you understand that school and life are one and the same, that not only chemistry is applicable to our daily lives but chemistry is our life. This type of teacher is ready to extend a helping hand every time we fall on our knees because school is just damn hard.


We’ll have to get past these three types of teacher in order to learn that the hardships we sow is the good harvest we’ll reap in the future.




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